Which cloud server is better?Domestic cloud server top ten brands list

Cloud server Which is better? Domestic server cloud top ten brands list

This list is ranked by market share, users, product cost and other multi-dimensional cloud server domestic top ten brands list is as follows:

First: Ali cloud (cloud server 102 yuan / year, direct access to official events scene: 9i0i.cn/aliyun)

Ali cloud – Alibaba Group company, is the world’s leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology companies. To provide cloud server, cloud databases, cloud security, cloud enterprise applications such as cloud computing services, as well as big data, artificial intelligence service, accurate custom scenario-based industry solutions. Professional fast for the record, 7×24-hour after-sales support to help businesses to get on the cloud.

Second: Tencent cloud (cloud server 99 yuan / year, direct access to official events scene: 9i0i.cn/qcloud)

Tencent cloud – cloud computing Tencent effort to build the brand, with excellent scientific and technological capabilities help businesses digital transformation, providing clients worldwide with leading cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence services, and customized industry solutions. Tencent cloud provides reliable enterprise cloud service on the support of five days no reason to refund, free fast filing, 7 ¡Á 24 hours of professional services. Enter the official website for more details >> 9i0i.cn/qcloud

Third: Huawei cloud (cloud server 99 yuan / year, direct access to official events scene: 9i0i.cn/huaweicloud)

Huawei is Huawei’s cloud effort to build cloud strategy brand, is committed to providing leading public cloud services to customers around the world, contains elastic cloud server, cloud databases, cloud security, cloud computing services, software development services for large enterprises and data artificial intelligence services, as well as the scene of the solution. Free record, 7×24 sale, 100 times the fault compensation.

Fourth: Tianyi cloud (direct official website: ctyun.cn)

China Telecom’s Tianyi cloud is directly under the professional company, committed to providing high-quality cloud computing service. Tianyi cloud to provide users with cloud hosting, object storage, database, cloud computer, cloud desktop, hybrid cloud, CDN, big data and other full range of products, at the same time to create a customized cloud solutions for government, education, finance and other industries.

Fifth: mountain cloud (cloud server 88 yuan / year, direct access to official events scene: 9i0i.cn/ksyun)

Jinshan Yun – Jinshan Group’s cloud computing company, China TOP3 cloud computing company. Self-developed cloud server, object storage, cloud security, a set of cloud computing products, providing big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, edge computing services, customized precisely for enterprise market solutions. Professional free record

Sixth: Baidu Cloud (direct official website: cloud.baidu.com)

Baidu is Baidu cloud intelligent multi-year precipitation technology to create intelligent cloud computing brand, we are committed to providing customers with the world’s leading artificial intelligence, big data and cloud-based computing services. With advanced products, technologies and rich solutions, comprehensive enabling the industry to accelerate the industry intelligent.

Seventh: UCloud (direct official website: ucloud.cn)

UCloud neutral cloud services platform, adhere to neutral, not involved in the customer service field. UCloud 33 data centers worldwide, 29 lines, covering five continents, independent research and development IaaS, PaaS, large data distribution platform, AI service platform and a series of cloud computing products, providing public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, including the integrated Industry Solutions.

Eighth: Western Digital (2660 yuan packs to new users, direct access to official events scene: 9i0i.cn/west)

Western Digital is the leading cloud-based Internet service providers, 18 years of professional well-known brands. Specializes in cloud server, web hosting, domain name registration, vps hosting, cloud servers, virtual hosts more than 500,000 websites and more than 10 million domain names

Ninth: Jingdong chi cloud (direct official website: jdcloud.com)

Jingdong Zhaopin cloud (JD Cloud & AI) is Jingdong Group’s intelligent technology provider, relying on Jingdong Group’s business practices and technology accumulation in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, networking and so on, forming a foundation to build from the platform, business planning consulting, technology services platform to the operation and maintenance of ecological patterns, creating services on the digital enterprise, digital government solutions for multi-dimensional scene.

Tenth: Silicon Cloud (Hong Kong cloud server 138 yuan / year, direct access to official events scene: 9i0i.cn/vpsor)

Silicon cloud, a leading service provider of the foundation for cloud computing, PHP Cloud Hosting first brand, has helped 110,000 + SMEs and developers reduce the cost of the cloud, the cloud server offers great value, cloud hosting, an independent physical servers, CDN cloud database cloud offering.

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