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[IIS7 Remote Desktop Management Tool] IIS7 Remote Desktop Connection Tool, is called IIS7 Remote Desktop Management Software, is a green smart, functionally utility remote desktop management tool, its interface is simple, easy to operate, can remotely operate multiple servers, And multiple servers can freely switch, suitable for web management staff.

Due to the cloud server, the host technology threshold is relatively low, personal, the company can open the so-called host sales when low threshold technology. That’s why we saw many brands in recent years, foreign main business, and even many domestic individuals wrap the official website into English website to pretend overseas service merchants, and even more similar brands, nothing is registration Different domain names.

As our user, the webmaster, when choosing the host, VPS, the server, many times will look at the price, configure and other parameters, but sometimes stability is uncontrollable, some is the problem of merchants, some are our users The problem. But choose a good business, a good host product, it is really important for your own project, and sometimes we can lead to the loss of data and the instability of the website project.

When we choose business and host products, we must judge the verses of the merchant, but also need to detect and track the stability and speed of the merchant server through some tools, scripting techniques. In this article, the author organizes 10 more practical, effectively detects Linux VPS, server performance tools and scripts.

First, PING speed tool

1, http://ping.chinaz.com/

2, http://www.webkaka.com/ping.aspx

PING tools can detect PING speeds of domestic and foreign nodes, and it is more important to a certain extent, and you can see the packet loss situation of the server, and speed. For example, when we choose the US VPS host, it is generally not bad within 200 speed.

Second, routing node tracking

1, http://www.webkaka.com/tracert.aspx

2, https://www.ipip.net/traceroute.php

Routing tracking test is still necessary, we can see the goal of the server IP node, such as when we choose some so-called Hong Kong, Singapore nodes, but actually may go to Japan, then go to China. Therefore, when we choose the server room, we cannot only look at the geographic location, and the same route is very different.

Third, configuration detection, IO, random download speed

After purchasing the server configuration, we need to detect that the actual business is not such a configuration, here we can test directly from the server to test the script.

Yum Install Wget -y

Wget-Qo- Bench.sh | Bash

Run the script, here you can test the speed of several random foreign nodes download files.

Fourth, domestic node download speed

If we purchase the server, VPS is used for domestic projects. The user group is in China, and it must be more stable and faster than the domestic user.

Wget https://Raw.githubuserContent.com/oooldking/script/master/superbench.sh

CHMOD + X superbench.sh


Fifth, point-to-point test download speed

The above two scripts are self-contained, foreign random nodes download speed, and if we need to play more advanced, you can use the SpeedTest-CLI tool to test the speed test. You can refer to the “SpeedTest-CLI Server Network Speed ??Test” This article is the operation of the SpeedTest-CLI tool.

Wget https://raw.githubuserContent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py

MV SpeedTest.py / usr / local / bin / speedtest-cli

CHMOD + X / USR / local / bin / speedtest-CLI

SpeedTest-Cli – Server = 4870 –Share

Sixth, UNIXBENCH score test

Although I personally don’t know the data of UNIXBENCH, it is like the running points of our computer and mobile phones, only a little reference value to some extent, but actually to experience the project experience in the process of use.

Yum -y Install GCC Automake AutoConf Libtool Make Perl-Time-HiRes Perlwget https://download.laobuluo.com/tools/unixbench5.1.3.tgz

Tar -zxvf unixbench5.1.3.tgz




Seventh, merchant comprehensive investigation

The background of the merchant is also more important, whether we are regular useful for website projects, or only maybe you can’t see cheap buy to play. We need to have a certain ability to surveillance business, such as checking the background of business brands, some merchants claim to have years of operation experience, in fact, domain names are registered through the old domain name, seeing the history of WHOIS can’t look at the business.

History Query Tools: https://archive.org/

We can view the historical snapshot of the website through the tools. This can be thoroughly viewed to see if the merchant has a true operation history background. At the same time, we can register the account to test the merchant’s work order response response speed, and the authenticity of the contact information.

Eighth, server stability detection

Even if it is cheap, the server, if there is no big purpose if it is unstable, we can use the tool to track the stability of the server. Because we can’t view the stability of the server 24 hours online, we need tools. For example, by means of some tools to monitor the server’s downtime.

1, Birds Cloud Pipe Home: https://www.niaoyun.com/cloudApp/

2, monitor treasure: https://www.jiankongbao.com/

We can use the tool to deploy the server, the website to the monitoring tool, there is a problem with mail, WeChat, SMS, etc. Sometimes the alarm error message, we see the actual stability of the server after the alarm message.

Ninth, backhaul test MPING

Wget https://Raw.githubuserContent.com/helloxz/mping/master/mping.sh

Bash mping.sh

This script can test back traffic ping detection.

Tenth, comprehensive project assessment

Regardless of the high-quality old business, it is still a new business, we can’t guarantee the permanent stability of the merchant. We also saw that many old businessmen have gradually fallen, as well as various races, and see the rise of all new businesses.

So, in the actual use project, we need to summarize and observe the stability of the server and the word-of-mouth feedback from the merchant. This screening is a service merchant suitable for our project. At the same time, regardless of the old or new business, we must do a regular data backup, make sure that the merchant stabilizes the data failure we can recover data.

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