Use RVM to install Ruby1.9.3 on Max OS 10.6

Suddenly, I didn’t upgrade the new version of Ruby1.9.3 for a long time without upgrading Ruby’s Mac. I didn’t expect to be a fold.

1 installation RVM

$ bash -s stable

Reload the Shell environment:


$ RVM Requirements

2 installation C compiler

I didn’t install Xcode, so I need a single C compiler.If your system is 10.7, many people on the Internet will also say that some problems are caused by the different versions of the compiler.The suggestion here is to HTTPS: // to download the compiler suitable for your own system.[Thank vincent’s article]

3 Install Ruby1.9.3

$ sudo rvm install 1.9.3

4 Change the default Ruby version

$ RVM – DEFAULT 1.9.3

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