Ubuntu Operation Sudoers file SUDO failed

Today, when you change the user’s permissions, the handcuffs change Sudoers permissions, changed to 777, causing the appearance of sudo display SUDO / ETC / Sudoers to be written by anyone.

method one

If you have a root password


Method Two

Let’s take the hand, I just opened the second time.

First of all, restart Ubuntu, press Shift (fast speed, with the speed), select the second item, press E

Then press the down button to change “RO Recovery NomodeEt” to “RW Single Init = / BIN / BASH”, then

Press F10 or CTRL + X:

Then: Select Recovery Mode: Select the second, because the first one goes into the system, then flashed a large string of text after knocking the car, and finally enter the root command line:

Use the command chmod 440 / etc / sudoers to change the permissions of sudoers.

You can modify the contents of sudoers after entering VI / ETC / Sudoers.

Then, press CTRL + Alt + Del to restart;

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