Recommended for programmers: Some interesting posts and tools recently

This article also gives you some interesting things recently. Hope you like it.

Let me talk about looking for a job right, the movie “The page can not be displayed” in the recruitment page on facebook home page is a column that a bunch of questions, you can go and see, you can use the c / c ++, Erlang, Haskell, Java, Perl , Python, PHP, Ruby to solve problems, but only to accept the version under Unix / Linux, Windows does not accept version. Coincidentally, on DropBox careers page is some arithmetic problems, we can look at the past, but it needs to turn – wall. (Now, for US Internet companies, if you have not been C2C, show that you do not exist, if you are not wall to show that you is not too successfully)

Next give you some documentation and tutorials it, they are in English

More complete Java and C #. This is a fairly full page comparing Java and C # language. Very interesting, it will help you understand the various features of the Java and C # and different. SQL performance tuning. This document covers IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. But this e-book has not been written, you can use its RSS, twitter or Facebook to track its progress. Clear Algorithms. This e-book is free. The main number for AI and natural-oriented algorithm, a total of 45. Including probability algorithm, iterative evolutionary algorithm, physical algorithm, the likelihood algorithm, ant bee style algorithm, immune algorithm, neural algorithm. Inside a large number of higher mathematics formulas for me, I have not read. However, I believe this e-book is perfect for people who engage in theoretical research, copying paper or need to graduate people use. HTML5 Audio & Video processing. This is a group of slides online, use the keyboard cursor keys page. This is a group with a variety of presentation slides, very helpful for you to learn sound and video related to HTML5. C macro language. What are some of you want to know the meaning of the usage of C language macros have it? This document will not let you down. Its progressive approach to introduce you to the various uses macros. Sorting algorithms in various languages. You want to know what kind of sorting algorithms in various languages that use the default sorting algorithm is not it? Read this article now. Physical modeling F # tutorial. I am sure you played the kind of game, draw an arbitrary shape of the stone, it will fall from the sky to hit one of the following things, the tutorial with the F # .NET to tell us how to do this kind of thing. (Demo) Sin & Cos game tutorial. This article introduces you to some of the game programming techniques. GNOME developers introduced. This is an unofficial introduction GNOME application development tutorial, simple and clear, it is suitable for beginners. 10 minutes to learn Python. Yes, maybe you’re like me, I hated this book a few days to learn a language, for example: 21 days to learn C ++. The more exaggerated, 10 minutes. TNND. However, when I looked at, I think it is suitable for beginners of Python have an emotional understanding. CSS shadow tutorial. This is a tutorial to teach you to make a kind of shadow effects CSS Style species, here is the presentation. IPhone Application Development in Haskell. This is a teaching program that tells you how to use Haskell to develop iOS applications.

Now, let me introduce you to some of the Web development and related open source libraries

Photon. This is known as a high-performance lightweight PHP application server framework. Known than Zend, Symfony and mod_php 3-10 times faster. ChemDoodle. This is a formula used to draw some chemical-based HTML5 libraries and API, support for 2D / 3D, very powerful. Compatible with all manufacturer’s support HTML5 browsers. LimeJS. JS library that allows you to have to make some easy touch screen game. A demo, demo II. (Some games related to JS) spell check. This is an English spell checker JS. Pattern. This is very powerful stuff, used to make Web mining, it has a set of tools used to obtain data from Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Web crawlers, HTML, text and graphical data analysis and display. You can look at the demos here. Titanium Mobile. Do you want your code to support both the iPhone and Android do? This is a cross platform development tool. Here’s a tutorial.

Next, introduce some gadgets

Web compatibility table. Do you want to see all the browsers support HTML5, CSS3, SVG? This website allows you to see all the mainstream browsers compatible tables. QGREP. Is it not fast enough? Try QGREP, support OSX, Linux, and Windows. XKEYMACS. Do you have an Emacs complex? If there is, try this tool, what is C-P, C-X C-S, C-P, C-N everything in Windows. Very interesting. Ok, not interesting, it is bt. Sublime Text 2. Although it is only an alpha version, this seems really good. Especially for viewing code. Supports Windows, Linux, and OSX. VS-Android. This project allows you to develop Android NDK C / C ++ programs under the IDE of Visual Studio 2010. Other things

Scripting language ranking. This page not only ranks all scripting languages, but also compares some operations. HTML5 3D Demo, there are several HTML5 3D demonstrations, you can see, demonstrate one, demonstrate two, demonstrate three, demonstrate four. Speaking of 3 days on the web, you may need to take a look at Adobe Molehill (3D GPU Accelerated) API, here there is an introduction article. Remember the demonstration of the fluid mechanics? Someone now made it on the iPhone / iPad.

That’s so much, maybe it’s not what it means, then please forgive me.

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