OpenNMS Windows installer

Introduction OpenNMS Windows Installer

Installation package download address:

Installer: OpenNMS-22.0.3-x86.exe, this is a 32-bit installer, which includes Java running environment JDK1.8, postgreSQL9.5, Wrapper, after the program is successfully registered, two system services “OpenNMS Server”And” OpenNMS DB “, automatically start when the operating system starts.

Installation Environment: Supports current mainstream Windows operating systems to support 64-bit operating systems.

Installation Process: Double-click the installer to turn on the installation interface, perform the next step according to the prompt.After the installation is successful, you can start or stop the OpenNMS system service in Windows system services.

Command line launch: Open the command line window execution, stop the order

Net Start “OpenNMS DB” NET Start “OpenNMS Server”

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