MacWorld2007 released iPhone!

The thickness of 11.6 mm (this is too perfect), has an ultimate 3.5-inch widescreen, of course, with touch control technology, 2 megapixel camera, 8GB capacity size, support 3G technology radio, run OS X (Day, All the mobile phones can’t do it. Sure enough. ,

2:32 Some pictures, please click here to view

2:31 The network is here in your pocket. Google’s search map email, etc. Google’s CEO.

2:29 All everything is unhappy, it is amazing.

2:28 Google Maps Support Satellite Map. Show Washington satellite maps clearly to zoom in.

2:27 Using Google Map You can view the map of the current conference. The accuracy is very good at the same time, you can find the place on the map, such as the store call, no need to check the phone number.

2:25 Start Widget in Dashboard View Apple’s stock Show weather, etc.

2:24 Direct to Amazon to buy a DVD DVD. At the same time, support multiple labels to browse the web. The same can be scaled mobile, etc.

2:23 can control the screen amplification and shrinking.

2:22 Browse the web with Safari

2:21 full screen preview picture

2:20 All everything is the same as using MacOSX

2:18 Directly use the IMAP and POP protocols to demonstrate Mail Safari and Google Maps.

2:17 INDUSTRODUNG Yahoo’s post office is the world’s largest

2:16 There is also a Safari browser Google Map, etc.

2:15 can set the wallpaper at will.

2:14 There are 11 applications on the desktop of your mobile phone. Two fingers clicks can be larger.

2:12 SMS is like IChat is the same as IChat. Enter interface can follow your favorite types such as vintage typewriters. When you send it, it is the voice prompt sound of IChat. See the picture is iPhoto

2:10 You can view the voicemail at any time then use the speaker to listen

2:09 You can build a most commonly used dial list for your phone. You can start talking.

2:08 At the same time, you can directly access another telephone to implement the three-party call is demonstrating the user who added a call.

2:06 If someone gives you a phone call, there are also Dashbaord realistic contacts that have a big mute button first appear.

2:05 Changed ringtone this is not new

2:04 – Pretty good effects of GSM and EDGE frequencies support WiFi Bluetooth

2:03 – Killer is coming, how to call. The method used is the way you have never used before. There is also a virtual voicemail.

2:03 – Taiwan next to praise the sound

2:02 – It is also very good to be more human than the operation of the iPod.

2: 01 – Touch design play browsing easy

2:00 – It is very good to operate quite quickly and watch hard drives and pictures.

1:58 0-cingular icon has a telecom operator and mobile phone manufacturer. Table and battery signals appear

1:57 – Complete touch and scroll selection

1: 56- Widescreen can quickly find the song. Jobs is demonstrating how to use

1:54 – 3.5-inch screen’s clear resolution has 2 megapixel camera. Support SIM card. There are many functional energy saving, etc.

1:50 There is a touch-style button to make all the operations with a finger. This will be a complete revolutionary product. At the same time, there is a software that is involved. Simple children use iPhone to run the OSX system. Some everything is You need the core animation, etc., you will use your mobile phone’s operating system. You like 1:44 – they call this thing is the iPhone has 3G access laugh.

1:43 – Fully revolutionized products.

1:42 – Today, the three revolutionary product widescreen iPod mobile phone Crowd Goes Wild 1:41 – Apple has done a lot of advanced things to change the world since 1984

1:41 -jobs said this thing is quite COOL. Apple’s logo appears on the screen

1:37 – All pictures are now wirelessly transferred from the computer now is demo from another computer to browse pictures 1:36 – See pictures on Apple TV

1:35 – Demos to play music function

1:35 – The effect is very good. It is better than watching on the MBP.

1:34 – HEROES TV TV drama is playing

1:33 – Play Zoolaander Movie

1:31 – There is a collection of cover picture display menu

1:30 – Other equipment Using Apple Remote

1:29 iTunes on a system user appletv is like the use of iPod

1:29 – You can watch video picture music automatically synchronize from the PC and send it to 5 PCs on 5 PCs – Support USB2 local network Wireless network 720P

1:27 – Will be a new way to watch TV directly on iTunes

1:26 – ITV

1:25 – New advertising is a colored strip and black Beijing bright people dancing but the same

1:24 – The huge market share of iPod has appeared new iPod ads, playing

1:23 – There will be more movies to join and more studio added

1:22 – Talk about Disney Partners. There is also a new partner paramount

1:21 – will become the best video player in the world. Itunes store is very good.

1:19 – The first is iPod, iPod nano

1:19 – But today we only discuss Apple topics

1:17 – Half of the United States’s online store has no money without purchasing Apple. But they are willing to buy Apple’s advertisements are playing Vista

1:15 – Jobs took a platform cheering

1:12 James Brown – “I Feel Good” is playing

1:10 – Everyone will have an attack in the attack.

1:08 – People special more than 2,000 people

0:59 – Jobs immediately waiting for the staff to wait for the signal to say that everyone is doing Jobs.

0:57 – Give MacX thanks to everyone’s support and as always, you can spend a night with you today. Please reprint the website to turn this sentence. Thank you.

0:57 – Do you have a 2 minute you excited?

0:55 – VIP users began admission to Google Technical Manager. Other people’s lines of penalty standing

0:47 – Most of the beginning, I first went to the cat, hidden place. The meeting immediately started Jobs that it was in the background.

0:42 – Haha and everyone to open a little joke is the product manager tells me that he has made many people and let me try. You haven’t found it.

0:34 – Apple’s homepage returned to 30 years ago

0:31 – Apple Store has offline

0:27 – The General Assembly immediately begun everyone ready to start, I don’t say it to everyone.

0:25 – I also took a 2nd floor is the layer of the reporter to go to see the arrogant movement is not more than the reporter. Haha everyone will look.

0:09 – There are also 50 minutes of guys who don’t know how to talk. I don’t know what to do. One thing is starting to glow. I seem to say that I will give me ahead.

23:57 – Just talked about her, she only told me that it was very exciting this evening, and the blossom of this Macworld Conference was only carried out. In order to confidential, most of the Apple employees Don’t know the details. But there is a sign of good things.

23:52 –’s webmaster has “honored” into the reporter seat will also bring some noble conferences to report to I still chat with everyone in the hall. Go to the background to find me before chatting.

23:40 –

The following text was transferred from MacX again, please apple’s large websites, I am easy for me.

{“Special reporter” of “MacX” in mainland China can be said to be completely abused, the people in the North Hall are squeezing to not squeeze, and the mountain people don’t have to say}

23: 31- I have begun to enter the building to check, everyone is very orderly, I still don’t stop using the intimate vision. I am very excited.

23:19 – There is still 1 hour and 40 minutes. Long Long prepare for Changlong has been placed in the venue. It has already been 500 people. The earliest brother night is here.

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20:36 – Lace Report: US Apple Online Store Apple Store Online will begin to update new products at a while (for a while from the beginning of the General Assembly).

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