MAC OSX 10.10 Install mysql 5.6 binary [tar.gz]

Scene: Install the binaries of MySQL 5.6 under Mac OSX 10.10.

Environment: binary files for Mac OSX 10.10, MySQL 5.6 or 5.6

Steps: [All directories, please take it from the root “/” directory, so as not to make the list, can’t find the directory]

1, download mysql 5.6 binaries

Download address:

Download: mysql-5.6.24-osx10.9-x86_64.tar.gz binary bag, or 5.7 binary bag

2, unzip file package to your installation directory

$: tar -xf mysql-5.6.24-OSX10.9-x86_64.tar.gz

3, CD to MySQL root “Decompression Directory], modify directory and file permissions [as needed]

4, initialize mysql

– 5.7.16 Previous version

$: ./scripts/mysql_install_db

– 5.7.16 after the version

./bin/mysqld –initialize –user = mysql –Basedir = [binary installation directory file root directory] –DATADIR = [set data file directory]

At this point, a My.cnf file is generated under your root directory [5.7 This file is not generated, you need to go to new], the installation directory is not “/ usr / local / mysql”, you need to use this file to configure Your mysql.

—– Linux system Find this My.cnf file in order below

/etc/my.cnf Global Options

/etc/mysql/my.cnf Global Options (as of mysql 5.1.15)

Sysconfdir / my.cnf global options

$ Mysql_home / my.cnf server-specific options

Defaults-extra-file the file specified with – defaults-extra-file = path

~ / my.cnf user-specific options

—- Mac system will look up under / etc, so you need to copy this my.cnf file to / etc.

MY.CNF main configuration briefly:

Basedir = [MySQL installation path]

DataDir = [mysql installation path] / data [Database file path, data when the initialization is initialized under root directory / data, if you specify whether it is not the same directory, you need to copy the initialized data file]

Socket = mysql5.6dir / tmp / mysql.sock [data connection file]

[Note the mysql.sock file is generated after mysql startup, and this file will be removed when turning off mysql]

5, start and stop MySQL service

5.1, start:

method one:

$ ./bin/mysqld_safe

Method Two:

$: ./Support-files/mysql.server start

5.2, stop

$: ./Support-files/mysql.server stop

Note: When using the mysql.server script, first add: basedir = mysql5.6dir

When Support-files / mysql.server start, he will still go to mysql5.6dir / bin / mysqld_safe, so the configuration in mysql5.6dir / my.cnf is still valid; so it has been set in Support-files / mysql.server. When the directory is available, you can build my.cnf in / etc directory.

MySQL default users are root, password is empty, you can change your password after installation is complete, please refer to the mysql operation instruction.

Note: Connection login mysql If an error, please refer to Blog post:


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