Install XP with GHOST under VirtualBox

1) Create a virtual machine

After starting VistualBox, create a virtual machine and specify the virtual machine’s optical drive as a virtual disc, which points to a ghost.iso,

I use the radish home LB_GHOST_XPSP3_9.2.ISO

2) Start the virtual machine

Start the virtual machine, there is a GHOST installation interface, select Direct GHOST XP, then actually appear Fatal: INT13_DISKETTE_FUNCTION: Read Error error,

Immediately go Google, I have made a low-level error. . . . Forgot to format and set up the main activity partition

3) format

After formatting and setting the active partition through the PM tool of the GHOST installation interface, it is still the fault again.

So I plan to use WinXP PE to install

4) WinXP PE installation

Start from the Ghost installation interface, enter WinPE, then GHOST, after completion, restart to

Check the driven link appears blue screen:

..The Problem Seems to be caused by the following file: procesr.sys

5) Solve the blue screen

This problem plasted me for a long time, but from the address below


So started again, manually ghost, ghost will not immediately restart the virtual machine immediately.

Change /Windows/system32/drivers/processr.sys to Processr.sys.old

Restart the virtual machine again, actually OK

6) Install smoothing

After the installation is complete, you need to install VirtualBox Guest Additions, and whether the virtual machine and host or trouble, open the virtual machine, click on the menu DEVICES -> Install Guest Additions,

After installation, the mouse can be smoothly switched between the virtual machine and the host.

7) Small knot

I finally tried to use Thunder in the WinXP virtual machine, the speed is not bad, the overall operation is also relatively smooth, it is worth a try

Ubuntu is very powerful, but it is not fully replaced by WinXP. It is not possible to reach WinXP than entertaining, and some special software is not easy to use under Linux.

For example, editable PDF, online bank (all ActiveX, only IE), some stock clients, etc., basically virtual machines can make up this shortcomings, and can be used at the same time,

Smooth handover, and finally I wish you a happy virtual!

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