How to view this machine’s computer name

See the detailed steps of the computer name of this machine

(1) The keyboard “Windows Logo button” + “R” combination key is called the run window.

(2) Enter the command line “CMD” to call up the command line window.

(3) You can get the computer name of this unit in the window input command “Hostname”.

Hostname – The host name used to display or set the system. It can be used to display some information about the computer, adding related parameters after calling can display different computer information about this machine, such as:

-d, -domain DNS domain name

-s, – Shiba short host name

-a, -Alias alias

-f, -fqdn, -long long host name

-i, -IP-address IP address

You right click on my computer, then click Properties You can see it.

Or start – run – Enter DXDIAG You can also see your computer name can also see you mainly configure

You start – run – Enter cmd – Enter systeminfo – press Enter You can see your computer details, including computer name and IP

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