How to put Apple Snow Leopard Operating System in Win7 System

Students who fail to install the VMware can take a look at this post. Virtualbox is open source software, you can install it for free, it is recommended here. Moreover, it is more simple to install with VirtualBox, and the whole process can be done in 1-2 hours.


The younger brother has always wanted to learn to develop iPad software, but it is too expensive to Mac, so I want to run the MAC system in my small black running virtual machine.

I spent a day, I spent a day, using VMware to install Snow Leopard method, first read the post (, it feels very useful . However, when installing the method in the post, I always encounter an error message that does not support hardware virtualization. But I have already opened hardware virtualization in the BIOS, and Securable also shows that my CPU is support hardware virtualization. After that, I spent a lot of time to see the post of domestic abroad, I found that many people have encountered this situation. So I suspect that the VMware version is equipped with system compatibility issues, and VMware6.5 is installed. Hardware virtualization problem is solved, but there is a new question, saying Operating System Not Found. I have tossed for more than ten hours before and after, I finally gave up, turned to find a way to install Mac OS with VirtualBox. Very fortunate, I saw a few foreign posts. After learning a few posts, I finally successfully installed Mac OS 10.6, so the younger brother shared the experience, I hope to help everyone.

By the way, my computer is ThinkPad T60, Intel Core2Duo 1.83GHz CPU supports hardware virtualization, 2.5G memory, 10GB space, the system is Win7.

Ready to work

1) Download virtualbox 4.0.4:

2) Download the 10.6 CD mirror image given by the [Finger Dance]: Download Address:

ED2K: / / | file |% 5B% E8% 8B% B9% E6% 9E% 9C% E6% 93% 8D% E4% BD% 9C% E7% B3% BB% E7% BB% 9F .-.% E9 % 9B% AA% E8% B1% B9.10.6% 5d.snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg | 6586892984 | CFBD9BF61EEA3D358E19C57B96435FEE | h = vd2rzatrleunkowmtenb4kseymwjc53k | /

If you have downloaded the Mac OS 10.6 disc image from elsewhere, you don’t have to download it, you should also install it. Remember to turn into ISO format.

Let’s put an ISO tool, enter the command line to the current folder input DMG2IMG.EXE ***. DMG ***. ISO is OK, it is very convenient.

DMG2IMG.ZIP (68 k) Downloads: 1059

3) Download the boot file:


AMD: M5wzzwyfg4m

AMD’s file is not downloaded, I uploaded an attachment:

Ok, ready, start installing.

Installation process

1) Install VirtualBox, this should not be said.

2) Run VirtualBox, create a new virtual machine.

New -> Next-> Name Fill in the OSX (Figure) -> Next -> Memory recommends 1G or more -> next -> Next This virtual machine is created. The hard disk space is at least 10G, and of course, the more you better,

3) After the creation, return to the main interface, click Settings -> System to make the following settings:

4) Or inside Settings, select Storage on the left, load the downloaded boot file Empireefiv1085.ISO

5) After returning to the main interface, click Start to start the virtual machine and enter the following screen. Click the disc icon in the lower right corner, replace the loaded ISO file to Mac OS 10.6 disc image.

6) Double-click in the virtual machine display box, then press F5, then enter the Mac OS CD icon, you can enter the installation. If you come to this step, then it is basically a big success, and it will generally not have problems.

7) Select language

8) Select the drive letter to install.At this time, you should not see any disc character, click on the Disk Utilities to create a new disk. 9) Just choose the name to create a new drive, click ERASE

10) After closing, select the newly created drive letter to continue installation.

11) Ok, you can go out to stroll, it is estimated to be loaded.

12) When the schedule walked to the end, you will see this picture saying that the installation failed, in fact, it has been installed.

13) Turn off the virtual machine.Click on the upper left Machine -> Close -> Power Off The Machine

14) Back to the main interface to reselect the direct boot file Empireefiv1085.iso, boot, select OSX, ok, big me!

15) You can see the interface of the Mac.

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