How to configure FTP Server with NAS on the correct posture on Windows ECS

Summary: How to configure FTP correctly on Windows ECS to enable FTP users to access NAS file systems mounted on ECS.

The following configuration uses Windows2008 + Filezillaaserver as an example, describes how to configure the FTP server on Windows ECS and output the NAS file system to the FTP user.

(The following is assumed that the user has installed Filezillaaserver)

Step 1: Configure FTP Service to specify the user.

Since users mount NAS is generally currently logged in users, such as Administrator, but the default filezillaaserver is running with “System” user, Windows defaults for disk characters (such as Z 🙂 for mounted NAS maps, so In order to allow the FTP service program to access NAS, you need to configure the FTP service to run in the same user.

1. Find “Firezilla Server FTP Server” in Server Manager – Configuration – Services.

2. Double-click, “Log in” in the dialog box Select the user currently mounted NAS (Administrator in the example) and fills the login password of the account.

3. Restart the FTP service

Step 2: Add FTP users and home directory

This step can be done with the “Filezilla Server Interface” program, as shown below, we add an FTPUSER account and specify the Home directory after the FTP login. It should be noted that the lower image is a network address. When the initial configuration, the Filezilla only allows you to select a mappled drive letter, such as Z: (we modified in the third step).

Step 3: Modify the Filezilla configuration item, change the user’s Home from the drive to the network address.

In Filezilla’s installation directory, open “Filezilla Server.xml”, find the user (FTPUSER) just added, change his home directory to the NAS network address.

The figure below gives NAS mapping in my current system, where f: is NFS mount, z: Yes SMB mount. We can configure any one of the home of FTPuser.

Modify the screenshot of the Filezilla Server.xml content.

Step 4: Test the FTPUser to log in to the FTP server.

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