English and overall learning law corresponding to Linux command


Linux command

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When using the Linux command, it is more helpful to understand the corresponding command if you are familiar with the meaning of the corresponding English.

Man: Manual Means Manual, you can use this command to query the usage of other commands. This command is similar to other languages ??such as the HELP command PWD command in Matlab: Print Working Directory means a password.

SU: Swith User switching users, switch to root users

CD: Change Directory Switch Directory

Ls: list files lists files in the directory

PS: Process Status process status

MKDir: Make Directory builds a directory

RMDir: Remove Directory mobile directory

MKFS: Make File System Establishing File System

FSCK: File System Check File System Check

Cat: Concatenate series

UNAME: UNIX NAME system name

DF: Disk Free Space Hard Drive

DU: Disk usage hard disk usage

LSMOD: List modules list module

MV: Move file mobile file

RM: Remove file Delete file

CP: Copy File Copy File

LN: Link Files Link File

FG: Foreground Prospect

BG: Background background

Chown: Change Owner Change Owner

CHGRP: Change Group Change User Group


Umount: unmount uninstall

DD: Here you should pay attention to the “CONVERT An Copy” named “CONVERT An Copy”, but “CC” has been used to represent “C Complier”, so named “DD”

TAR: TAPE Archive decompressed file

LDD: list Dynamic DepENDENCIES lists dynamic dependence

Insmod: Install Module Installation Module


LSMOD: List Module List Module

Integrity learning

Recently, some newly entitled small partners in learning Linux commands, everyone feels difficult to remember. It happens, I have recently seen a book: “How to Efficient”, mention the concept of integrity learning. Among them, it feels compared to the mechanical memory method, integration, is to associate knowledge to achieve memory and application knowledge, the best technology is metaphor, internalization, process-based notepad and drawing method.

So it is necessary to study, it is to establish enough contact, and the most intuitive link of Linux commands is its full name (English) and meaning. If you can know the full name and meaning of English, I believe that everyone will speed up the memory efficiency. So I simply collect the full name of these commands (possibly not all), the most important thing is that everyone can collect them themselves.

In addition, the memory parameters can also enhance memory in this way.

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