Computer remote connection batch management cloud server

The Remote Desktop is a service launched by Microsoft to facilitate the management of the network administrator management maintenance server. From the Windows 2000 Server version, the network administrator is when the remote desktop connector is connected to any computer that opens the remote desktop control function, just like it is the same, run the program, maintains the database, etc. The remote desktop is a technique similar to Telnet, which is developed from the Telnet protocol. It is a graphical Telnet that is developed from the Telnet protocol. So how do you batch our multiple servers? Let you introduce you to a remote desktop connection tool – IIS7 Remote Desktop Connection Tool.

View Address: IIS7 Remote Desktop Management Tools Download

First, download the decompression software:

Click [Add] to add the server in the upper right corner:

Below is the server information you have to add:


1. After entering the server port, use a colon to separate the port number (generally default 3389);

2, the server account is generally default as administrator;

3, the server password is the password given when purchasing the server or the password you set.

Other information is to facilitate the addition of group information to facilitate mass management server information, and classify according to personal conditions and preferences.

After the addition is checked, you can click the addition of the lower right corner, you can see the added server information, you can open it!

Open after adding multiple servers:

After the bulk is opened, the most powerful function is that it can control all the computers at the same time:

At the same time, mouse operation, keyboard operation, etc.:

This is how this software batchs the method of managing servers, VPS, cloud servers. It will be better in the future. Please pay more attention!

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