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Tutorial # 1: WebGL browser

This chapter mainly explains the C3DL browser support and test.

Firefox browser

Install a Firefox browser in the easiest way to support WebGL. Once your browser is installed, you will need to set it to start WebGL. This can pass the following:

Enter: About: Configuration. This will give you a warning page, buttons, and one. Click “I will pay attention, I agree!” Button.

Type WebGL in the filter bar

Set to True for the webgl.enable_for_all_sites value (double click on it)

If your computer needs software rendering (in order to support OpenGL 2.0 in old video card), you may also need to enable software rendering.

You may also need to set DevTools.ErrorConsole.Enabled and WebGl.verbose for True. This will give you a detailed error message.

Apple’s Webkit (Safari Browser):

You can download Webkit from: http://nightly.webkit.org/

Note that webkit will only allow content of WebGL in OSX 10.6 or higher.

WEBGL is enabled for OS X

Open the terminal, type the command:

Default write com.Apple.safari WebkitWebglenabled -True

Restart the browser. WEBGL will be enabled by default, run the above command.

Google (Chrome):

Download Source: http://build.chromium.org/buildbot/conuous/

Or download browser Source: http://www.google.com/chrome/index.html

Please note that Chrome will be more stable, but not often updated, so it may not always always change the specifications of WebGL.

To enable the browser’s webgl, you will need to run it to turn off the ‘command line that enables the Flag’ – WebGL. This is not necessary for chromium, because the current webgl is enabled by default.

If you are a local test page (such as other tutorials posted here), you also need to use the logo ‘- Allow file access from-file’. Note that this is not normal to browse the files that are recommended to access your computer usually as a restrictions on a security feature.

Test page:

Enter this URL using one of the above WebGL’s browser enabled: http://www.c3dl.org/index.php/webgl-demos/cross-browser-orbiter/ If you see some pictures below, Then you successfully configure the webgl supported by your browser:

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