Azure SQL Database Migration Ali Cloud RDS SQLServer Practice

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Summary: Since the Try DTS tool migrates directly, it is found when the SQL database from Microsoft Cloud migrates the SQL database to RDS SQLServer. Although the DTS can be connected to Azure SQL, but cannot obtain the structure, mainly because Azure SQL is Microsoft’s database version of Microsoft.

I, background

Since the attempt to migrate directly from Microsoft Cloud to the SQL database to RDS SQL Server, DTS can be connected to Azure SQL, but cannot obtain a structure, mainly because Azure SQL is Microsoft’s customized database version. Still not the same as the original MSSQL Server. In order to facilitate everyone to move smoothly. Migration mode of imported exported is organized.

Second, Azure SQL Database Migrate to RDS SQLServer Practice Steps

1. Create a good target database and login user in Alibaba Cloud Console.

a) Record the newly created database name, login address, log in the user name, password.

b) Log in to the user has write permissions.

2, buy an ECS for migration, ECS requirements

a) Bind the public network IP.

b) 4G 4G.

c) OS is a Windows system

d) The ECS and the target library are best to buy in the same available area or VPC can access the newly built target database through the intranet.

e) It is recommended to purchase, the migration is released.

3. Install SQL Server Client Tools (SSMS) on the purchase of ECS.

a) SSMS Microsoft Download Address:

b) Installation process, double-click the executable, and you can install the default. Process no longer be described

4, configure the migration process.

a) Log in to ECS, start SSMS


b) Newly built target database


The information used, in step 1 a) has been recorded. Click to log in

c) Start configuration import tasks



Fill in data source connection information


Fill in the target database connection information



The correspondence of the table can also edit the corresponding relationship of the field. You can preview the migrated data. It is generally the same name. If the target created by the target, the automatic symbol can also customize the corresponding relationship, if the target does not create a table structure Here, it can be automatically generated with the original table structure.

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