9 web browser-based wire block diagram plotting software

With the continuous development push forward economic cloud, the browser has become more sophisticated, more and more powerful. Here, I do not want to “future browsers” do too much cumbersome presentation of views, which in too many shared Web 2.0 already discussed, I am sure you readers already feel tired. Good, directly into the text below, which I carefully selected the nine currently on the market more mature and excellent software wireframe drawing (felt desolate and the tragedy is that a number of the product is not born in our China) , which involves the online and online mind mapping prototype production.

Mind mapping articles

Dropmind: is able to run smoothly in a Web browser window to make mind mapping tool, based on cross-platform MicrosoftSilverlight, it gives users a rich, interactive and hypermedia operating experience. Worth concern is, Dropmind brain along with the online version of map production software also comes with a PC desktop application based on Windows, Mac and Linux side, and both data can be seamlessly links and shared. [Recommendation: ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï]

Mindmeister: is the use of technology to build a mind map creation tools, the entire interface layout and design style fresh and generous, rich user interactions, a faster response speed; support mind map making (ie, thinking the expansion process) playback display , support Insert shortcut keys and Enter to add subtopics add similar themes. [Recommendation: ¡ï¡ï¡ï ¡î¡î]

Mindomo: UI interface level mimic Office 2007, be able to give Windows users a strong sense of intimacy. Unlike the above two, Mindomo uses the more common, more persuasive Flash technology in the rich media applications and interactive behavior as technical support for the entire platform. You can create it by editing a mind map, mind map to make export by PNG, JPG, GIF and other image formats. In addition, concern is, Mindomo recently launched a PC-based client software AdobeAIR platform, providing Chinese (Traditional) interface, support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and other platforms. [Recommendation: ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï]

MapMyself: still the continuation of the Office 2007 style interface design, simple atmosphere; its biggest bright spot is that it itself provides a wider variety of themes, styles and are made of hand-painted cartoon characters, and so on. [Recommended for: ¡ï¡ï ¡î¡î¡î]

Several other lightweight online mind map creation tools recommended: Mindpin, Bubbl.us, Mind42, WiseMapping, Thinkature

Prototype articles

MockFlow: is a prototype for the production of traditional software and rich Internet applications online tools, friendly and powerful. Built many will often use to the controls, drag the mouse to the canvas, then the organization can be drawn. Can effectively help users improve the planning process for the rapid design of traditional software, and rich Internet applications and interactive mockup user interface. Currently, MockFlow does not support Chinese input. [Recommended for: ¡ï¡ï ¡î¡î¡î]

Mockingbird: to provide users with a complete browser-based window prototype design service, using the Cappuccino open source framework that is more realistic simulation of Axure such desktop software, giving users a great deal of intimacy. No Flash, No IE, All in Canvas, AppleStyle a Mockingbird a few main keyword overview. [Recommendation: ¡ï¡ï¡ï ¡î¡î]

Cacoo: it is a powerful online product prototyping tool that lets you browser extremely easy to draw Site prototype; it is worth mentioning that, Cacoo support real-time synchronous collaboration feature that allows multiple users on the same remote collaboration project online editing. Further, in addition to other than the prototype design, Cacoo, you can draw UML Unified Modeling flowchart, FIG brain (Mindmap) and a wireframe (Wire frames) and the like. [Recommendation: ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï ¡î]

iPlotz: is based on the prototype design software on Flash / Flex platform that allows you to build the various elements of their Web projects directly through the mouse to drag the canvas; in addition, iPlotz also provides client software based on Adobe AIR, so that users can easily use this software on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. [Recommendation: ¡ï¡ï¡ï ¡î¡î]

HotGloo: is an easy and beautiful web wireframe application that can help designers to create a concept prototype interactive website in the early stages of development, all operations WYSIWYG; supports two domain. However, it is a pity, HotGloo not support the input of Simplified Chinese. [Recommendation: ¡ï¡ï¡ï ¡î¡î]

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